Tonight’s Hijinx

Tonight I’m off to see Scott Pilgrim Versus the World and hobnob with my DnD/Pathfinder Peeps for the first time in a month. Lo, it shall be an evening of hardcore nerdery, and I shall return all revitalised and ready to geek at the world. I should probably go through the module I’m running again, just in case, although it’s likely to be a futile exercise given that three-quarters of the party have perfected the art of using the guilt trip as an offensive weapon. Were I the kind of guy to ramble on about roleplaying games, which I am under ordinary circumstances, I would wax philosophical about the good old days when Charisma was a dump stat and we fireballed the kobolds prior to whacking them with a broadsword.

Of course, before that can happen, there must be words. And stories must be sent out once more, to brave the perilous winter of the outside world. And I should probably listen to the Spokesbear when he screams “stop blogging and get to work, dumbass”, otherwise he’s going to pop one of the non-existent veins in his head.
Current Writing Metrics

Consecutive Days Writing (500+ words): 4
New Short Stories Sent Into the Wild: 10/30
Rejections in 2010: 20/100
Claw Word Count (Finish Date: 15th November)

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