So after setting myself the goal of blogging every day in the coming week, I’m sneaking this one in under a technicality (specifically, the one that says a new day doesn’t actually start until your sleep and wake up in the morning. It makes sense in my head, even if the clocks disagree). It’s one of those rare Saturday nights when none of my neighbors are having a party, so the flat is remarkably cold and quiet. Dark too, since I’ve replaced the broken office chair with one that’s actually comfortable to sit in and that allows for prolonged periods of sitting and working and not really noticing that sunset slipped past and you missed it.

Fortunately I have defrosted spicy tomato soup to ward off the oh-right, I-forgot-dinner-too hunger pangs.

The downside, now that I’ve stopped, is that I don’t really have the option of not-noticing the cold anymore. I find myself wishing I’d invested in fingerless gloves. Or, at least, a jumper with very long sleeves that would go over my very cold hands when I type.


So, two links before I head off and get some sleep.

There’s a new installment of Kathleen Jenning’s Dalek Game illustrations out today, combining a particular sad and pensive-looking dalek with Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard Book. I found myself wishing Kathleen put the illustrations on coffee mugs and such, for it seems like a very friendly kind of image to have on your morning coffee. Plus, honestly, who can say no to a dalek in a pirate hat?

On the other hand, if you’re a writer-type, I might suggest not doing this sort of thing when editors reject you. Even the prelude is to be avoided.


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