25/25/25 at Queensland Writers Centre

So let’s be clear: I work for Queensland Writers Centre. I’ve been there since mid-2011. I’m also a member of Queensland Writers Centre, and have been since some time in the mid-nineties. I think it’s an important support mechanism for Queensland writers, but I can, understandably, be accused of bias.

To mark the 25th Anniversary of QWC, the organisation is launching a Scholarship and Access fund to help provide funding and travel support to writers who wouldn’t ordinarily get a chance to access QWC programs. We’re inviting members and non-members alike to get involved and help foster the future of Queensland writing with the 25/25/25 crowdfunding campaign, which includes a diverse range of awards (including some that are highly GenreCon focused).

If you’ve got a few bucks to spare and you care about writing or reading, please donate.

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