40 Day Rush: Day 15

Went to write club today and wrote things, on Float, for the first time since posting last Friday. Not a huge amount – 600 words – but today it felt like a victory just opWord Countsening a document and peering at the ignored bits of story. Everything after that was a bonus.

This is, by and large, what Write Club is for. It’s the break in my routines that allows for a reset, when the usual triggers for sitting down and writing get washed away by circumstances or stress or rising tides of sorrow.

Also handy about today: realising that any time I do any kind time-based word-tracking project on the blog, it’s usually a sign that I’m really struggling with what’s going on in other parts of my life.

The last month has been ridiculous on a whole bunch of levels. Thankfully, it is time to start taking my foot of the accelerator.


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