40 Day Rush: Day Three

I was at the grocery store today when my phone started pinging with me with notifications, many of which consisted of friends going hey, nice story. I was confused. I did not think I had any stories coming up this early in the year, but it turns out On Discovering a Ghost in the Five Star just went live over on Daily Science Fiction website, bringing together some of my favourite things: gyoza, laundromats, ghosts, and anger.

Daily SF is free to read, so you just have to follow the link. Which I encourage you to do, because as a writer, I live and die by the application of your eyeballs and attention things I have written. So much so that, if left to my own devices, I will wander the moors whispering read me…reeeeead me.

No-one wants that.

Of course, there are only so many things I can do at once when multitasking, and that number of things is generally one, so figuring all this out while in the middle of a supermarket largely means that I forgot to pick up a half-dozen things on my shopping list. And this matters, this coming weekend, because there is apparently a monster storm hammering into the East Coast of Australia tomorrow morning and it promises to be exceptionally wet and exceptionally chilly in my neck of the woods.

Perfect weather for staying home, writing things, and eating tasty comfort food.

And so I am loaded up with the fixing for glorious toasted cheese sandwiches (assuming I don’t want mustard), tasty sweet potato and peanut soup (assuming I don’t want it sweet), and tasty beef massaman curry (assuming I don’t want rice).

I foresee another trip to the shops ahead of me, this evening. Or some very awkward eating, while the rain falls and the wind howls and my chilly feet encourage me to stay in bed and order pizza instead.

But at least there was writing today. And more writing to come after this post goes live.


Also, just enough mustard left in the fridge to get me through dinner.

The Weekend Ahead Involves Many of These

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