New Things

I’ve got an email here from Heather Wood, the editor behind the Gods, Memes, and Monsters anthology, that the books is now out and available for sale at the book-purchasing options of your preference.

I’ve been looking forward to this one coming out. The brief, way back at the start of 2014 when Heather asked if I’d be interesting in taking part, was to create an entry for a 21st Century Bestiary that reinterpreted mythological beasts for the new millennium. And so I went off and wrote about the people who are looking for the Jinn, on the internet (’cause how else would you explain rule 34?), and had probably the most fun writing that out of anything I sat down and worked on last year.


And because I am terrible at email, this all came about the same point I heard from Sarah, the Shadow Minion of the Apocalypse (or, at least, of Apocalypse Ink, who has far better job titles than my workplace), that my guest post about the curse that lay on the Flotsam series is now live at M. Todd Gallowglas’ site.

The whole curse thing started as a joke, way back when I started putting the novellas together. It seemed a lot less funny by the end. I wasn’t really aware how many computers I went through, writing that series, until I sat down and started charting the destruction PC by PC.

And with that, I’m off to write things. Or quibble with co-workers about the final make-up of the GenreCon program, depending on which happens first.

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