A message from the Spokesbear


As the duly appointed taskmaster and primary source of daily conversation you’re regular blogger has on any given day, I thought I’d drop past and deliver an important warning: expect nothing of substance from Peter in the near future. He’s boring me with his “novella novella novella” and “Ooh, a short story idea” and “check it out, I’m writing *words*” like it’s something special, so I figured I’d spare us all another hamfistedattempt to say something meaningful while his brain is all muddled up with plot. Jeez, you’ve never met a guy who is so astonished by the fact that he’s actually writing when he’s supposed to be. Makes my life a misery, I tell ya, trying to keep him focused on the things he’s meant to be doing.

If you’re looking for interesting reading try this post. I promise you Peter won’t mind. At this point he’s lucky to realise that he should stop and eat lunch rather than keep typing.

Peace out, Peeps.
Your duly appointed spokesbear,

Fudge P. Fudge, esq.

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