A Small But Important Victory

Woke up early this morning and wrote 2,000 words. Not a bad start, since I’m aiming to have the draft of Frost finished by June 9th, which means 2000 words is the minimum daily rate I need to hit in order to achieve that. After all the dramas that surrounded Exile, Frost is going in on time if I have to kill myself to do it.

It’s also the rate I’m aiming for that’ll make my big yearly to-do list achievable, if only I can maintain the pace, so it’s an important victory in this rebuilding my writing process process

The rest of the week will not be quite so manic; I’m largely planning on running my ‘writing day’ from 9 AM to 9 AM, which means I’ll be getting a jump-start on tomorrow’s 2000 words when I come home from work tonight. It’s a routine that’s worked for me pretty well in the past, particularly when writing longer works. It should keep me pretty productive, at least during the week days.

Next step, figure out how to keep myself writing on the weekends, which is always a bugbear of mine. But I’ve got another five days to figure that out now…

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