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Ball_BlogBioImageI live in Brisbane, Australia, where I spend most my time writing. At various points in the past I’ve worked as a sessional writing tutor/lecturer, a programming coordinator for the Gen Con Australia, and a post-graduate student (although the degree’s unfinished; writing was more fun). I‘ve been known to write poetry and role-playing products in addition to fiction and was once part of a performance poetry troupe that performed gigs at writing festivals (Rumours of me wearing a feather boa and top-hat while performing rhyming couplets during this period are, alas, not terribly exaggerated. I’d prefer not to talk about).

A more-or-less complete list of my publications can be found here. This should cover the less part: over 2004 & 2005 I ran a small RPG e-publisher dubbed the Clockwork Golem Workshop, which involved a lot of editing and self-publishing, but I generally choose not to list that in my publications. Prior to 2004 I primarily wrote poetry, some of which was published in small-press anthologies I don’t have records or copies of.

I don’t keep cats. Or dogs. Or fish. As you can expect, this is a significant drawback when maintaining a blog in the SF community. I do have a stuffed bear named Fudge. He’s the cute one in the Ball household.

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