Adelaide/Conjecture Recap

There’s always a lingering feeling that I should do a recap or con-report after I get home from a convention, but it never gets done despite my inner guilt. Part of it is due to the nature of my participation at cons (primarily based around the bar, regardless of whether I’m drinking) and part of it’s because I’m a lazy bugger who’s acutely aware that if I did start reporting it’d quickly become about me (and who really wants that?).

So instead I’m going to take a page out of Sean William’s con report and summarise: Adelaide was fricken awesome. It involved good food, monkeypunk, the cognitive dissonance that occurs every time I have a conversation with Dirk Flinthart and realise he’s not just a character in a book I read too many times when I was twenty-two, much time spent rejoicing with friends old and new, a panel in which I seemed to confuse everyone as to the nature of Magic Realism, and the launch of Horn which went off splendidly. I also came back with a cold on Tuesday night, but that seems to have abated after forty-eight hours of bad DVDs and cold tablets.

Special thanks goes out to the family Fischer, who put me up for the week, and to Crisetta MacLeod, who was the first person to ever interview me about fiction and also provided me with frog cakes and free copies of her chapbooks.

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