All The Things That Excite Me This Week

This is going to be a lazy week on the writing front.

For one thing, today is my last day in Melbourne. I have caught up with friends and played a good number of board games and guest-starred as Ronan the Accuser in Patrick O’Duffy’s Annihilation campaign, which means I’m still running on the endorphin high of rolling a shitload of d12s and wielding the Universal Weapon in defence of the cosmos.

Later today, there will be a flight home. A few hours sleep. Then: a return to the day job..

perf5.500x8.500.inddFor another thing, The Flotsam Omnibus gets released in two days. Pre-orders for the ebook version are already live, if you’re the kind of personality who absolutely cannot wait. You can pay for that bad-boy now and it will be automatically delivered to the reading device of your choice on release.

Fuck people who complain about the lack of jet packs and flying cars. The future is doing just fine, for my money.

But my week gets kind of wonky when I have a new book out. I get…interested. Hungry for data. And so I will be obsessively googling my name in see if people are buying it and how they like the extra stories and where it falls on the Amazon rankings and, shit, just generally just feeding the neediest, ugliest part of my writer ego.

I will also be updating the publications page on the site, since it’s at least a year out of date.

This…embarrasses me.

Also, causes me to fall to my knees, rip my shirt, and scream out “AP-NEE-AAAAAAAAA!” like I’m Shatner emoting in Wrath of Kahn.


I am so fucking there to binge-watch that shit. I mean: superheroes; noir influences; Luke Cage on screen; Krysten-fucking-Ritter and David-fucking-Tennant and Carrie Anne Moss. Every other thing Marvel has ever done could be utter shite and I would still be 100% down to binge-watch this series the moment it hit the air.

Add in the fact that Daredevil was a goddamn exquisite piece of television and I am counting the days until the 20th. I may even do a Daredevil re-watch just to tide me over.

These things will distract me from writing. They will make me lazy and indolent and willing to accept two hundred words as a good days writing.

But they will not stop me.

You hear that, week to come?


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