Angela Slatter’s Sourdough: Pre-order details

Okay peeps, for your edification I’m going to mention that Angela Slatter’s new short story collection, Sourdough and other stories, is avialble for pre-order from Tartarus Press. It’ll be a limited edition of 300 copies, and I heartily recommend it (I’ve read much of the collection, which is a themed series of linked story, and it moves beyond the realm of awesome and into the realm of quite extraordinary).

“But Peter,” I hear you cry, “you already mentioned Angela’s short story collection was available for pre-order a few weeks ago.”

“Nay,” I tell you, “a few weeks ago I mentioned that her OTHER short story collection, The Girl with No Hands, is available for pre-order from Ticonderoga Press. Sourdough is a completely seperate book, being put out by a boutique press that does glorious hardcovers full of win. Trust me, though. You cannot go wrong by doubling the ammount of Slatter works you’re planning to add to your bookshelf.”

“What?” You cry. “Two short story collections in the same year? That’s extraordinary!”

“Indeed,” I tell you. “But Angela Slatter rocks the freakin’ Casbah and everyone out there has realised it. Get on board, peeps, before you’re left behind.”

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