Avril Lavigne Channeling Tank Girl? I Am Down With This Combination.

As predicted at the tail end of my Die Hard post last week, blogging service is somewhat irregular this week and we’ll be picking up on my narrative deconstruction of Bruce Willis’s greatest movie role next Tuesday.

However, ’cause I love you all, and because I’m fairly sure I’m about to put together a sequence of words that will make my friend Kevin spontaneously combust, I’m going to do a spot of youtubery. I was alerted to Avril Lavigne’s latest video clip via this article on SF site Tor.com and, for the love of god, it really is all the shiznit they promise it to be.

If you’re not interested in following the link, let me give you the short version (Kev, brace yourself): Avril  Lavigne and Danica Fucking McKellar  team up to channel Tank Girl while fighting knife-wielding Lobsters. Also, bad guys in gas masks. Plus, you know, self-referential meta-text as part of the set-up.

Presumably this clip could have ticked more boxes on my short list of automatic awesomeness, but that would require a) catchier music (Avril is still Avril, this is going to be all about the clip), and b) the producers delivering a crate of high-end bourbon to my house.

With that, I leave you to a few minutes of free-floating pop-cultural signifiers and visual awesome-sauce.

See you next week, when we kick off part three of the Die Hard posts.

  2 comments for “Avril Lavigne Channeling Tank Girl? I Am Down With This Combination.

  1. 22/08/2013 at 12:26 PM

    I… yes. YESYESYESYESYES. I'd heard word of this impending awesomeness via Danica McKellar's Twitter account.

    …also, spontaneously combusting. Damn you Peter.


  2. jason nahrung
    22/08/2013 at 12:59 PM

    some of Billy's best work of late, too!

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