Back in the early days of blogging, we all learned an important lesson: do not produce content directly on the platform. Draft on reliable software and transfer it over, for your blog will break down or fail to post, and when that happens you will lose all that work.

Then the blogs grew more advanced and the mysterious failures of the software grew infrequent. We grew complacent and went with the easy option.

Or, at least, I did.

And so, with a great deal of nostalgia, I must admit this was not the post I intended to write this morning. I had another one, longer and carefully crafted, full of witty insight that would change your life for the better.

And, as I finished and went to post, the mysteries of the internet reared their head and exiled my post into the ether.

I do not have time to recreate it. There is write club today, and an article deadline, and I am behind everything that I should not be behind on due to illness.

And so, today, you get a photograph of the bench at my local train station. Because I take a lot of photographs of this bench, when I walk past it, and I’ve never really been sure why I keep doing it.

Aluminium Bench

Perhaps, now that it has served some purpose, the bench photographs will cease.

See you tomorrow peeps.

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