Black Candy Update

Black Candy Draft

Projected Total: 80,000
Total Words to Date: 19,345
Words Done in Previous 24 48-hour 12 Days:11,057 (although some of that was scenes I’d pre-written and stitched into this draft)
Deadline: July 23rd

As you may have deduced from the lack of updates recently, this week was full of badness – day job issues, contracts evaporating without warning, and the general financial angst of being marginally employed all combined to ensure that the most productive thing I’ve done for the last three days was pull my lazy butt of the couch and go shopping. Fortunately the ever-awesome Angela Slatter was heading around for a writing session this morning  and I wrote about two and a half new words between cooking lunch, chatting about writing, and eating chocolate.

Interestingly I’m more-or-less on-track when it comes to the plot-to-wordcount layout I had in my head that said twenty-K was the end of the first act (and it is, more or less, although I may have another scene in there). This is effectively the first time I’ve ever worked to plan this far in, but that may be a function of changing my definition of “plan” than anything else.

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