Black Candy Update

Black Candy Draft
Projected Total: 80,000
Total Words to Date: 8,288
Words Done in Previous 24 48-hour Period: 2,037
Deadline: July 23rd

Spent twenty-four hours wibbling over what I’d done, trying to work my way into the project. Cut what I’d done for the second chapter (not deleted, just cut away for the moment and set aside until I hit a narrative beat where the events feel more appropriate), then spent the last twenty-four re-starting the chapter from scratch. Much happier this time around, even if it does give me negative progress on the wordcount. I predict this will happen a couple of times in the drafting process for this one – I’m sufficiently clueless about what I’m doing that I’ll happily rewrite and expand upon existing scenes from the novella-length-draft without realising that they shouldn’t be happening yet.

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