Series: Miriam Aster Case Files, Book 2
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Twelfth Planet Press
Publication Year: 2010
Length: Novella
ISBN: 9780980827408
For ten years ex-cop Miriam Aster has been living with her one big mistake – agreeing to kill three men for the exiled Queen of Faerie. But when an old case comes back to haunt her it brings a spectre of the past with it, forcing Aster to ally herself with a stuntwoman and a magic cat in order to rescue a kidnapped TV star from the land of Faerie and stop the half-breed sorcerer who needs Aster’s blood. Ten years ago Miriam Aster learnt a simple lesson: when a faerie asks you to kill someone, the worst thing you can say is sure. Today she’s about to learn that worse things can happen when the past refuses to stay behind you.
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About the Book


Bleed for the most part is an entertaining urban fantasy that’s tight and doesn’t waste the reader’s time with unnecessarily details or action. Ball gives readers a complex protagonist that is both pulpish and modern, and definitely one of the more memorable characters in fiction.

Charles Tan, Bibliophile Stalker

Bleed is as bold, punchy, gritty and grotesque as Horn. While the subject matter is less shocking than in PI Miriam Aster’s first outing, those elements of hard boiled faerie fiction remain, as unforgiving as the first time.

Narrelle M Harris

Bleed rocks along at a fair pace, Ball doesn’t allow the narrative to lag at any stage, and you will be dragged into the shenanigans unfolding … There’s enough of a mystery for crime fans to get excited by, and the dark trimmings ensure horror aficionados are going to be all over this one. Peter M. Ball has delivered up a fairy tale just how we like it, raw and dripping with blood.


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