Bring me my coffee and my mighty atomic steed

Allow me to sum up my day in a single image:


Me and coffee, we’re going to get real close today. Real, real close. I’ve hit the downhill slope on the latest writing project. Six thousand words to go, all of which is last act stuff where I’m tying off loose ends and resolving bits of conflict. In some ways, this is the easy stuff. I don’t have to make up anything new, I just have to follow the clues littered through the draft and write the things that logically fit into the story. On the other hand, it leaves me with this nagging feeling that I’ve got a job that’s almost finished, but not quite done.

I’m not good with that feeling. As soon as I have one of those open loops, mentally speaking, my subconscious will spend some quality time finding some others when I should be sleeping and my old friend insomnia comes galloping over the hill to pay me a visit. I managed to eke out about four and a bit hours of sleep, and right now I’m feeling better than I should be given that it’s quarter to seven as I write this and I’ve already been up a couple of hours.

In other news, if you’ve been missing my bloggery about all things writing-like, you should probably hie yourself over to the AWM Speakeasy blog at some point in the coming weeks. After a couple of slow years where we rebuilt things like the AWM website and GenreCon, part of my remit for 2014 is getting the social media side of the AWM project back on track, so it’ll become the home for any writing thoughts I have that aren’t driven by anger or high volumes of swearing.

Bring my coffee and my atomic steed. I have a Monday to slay.

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