Claw Update

Claw Draft
Projected Total: 25000
Total Words to Date: 4642
Words Done in Previous 24-hour Period: 879 (Was all prepared to angst about this, then realised it’s nine more words than yesterday)
Deadline: April 30th
Reasons to Squee: Chapter Two is done. Chapter three introduces a character I hadn’t planned for, but is proving to be fun. Made many notes on fixing the awkward bits of Chapter two as well.
Reasons to Wail: You know what? Not much today. All is well in my writing world.
Non-Novella Writing: Wrote about four-thousand words of short-story draftage last night (yet another reason not to angst over today’s wordcount), and finally finished the draft of my post-apocalyptic-dragon-cyberpunk-western story. Given this is one of those ideas that I’ve been throwing around for a year or two now without ever finalising it, I find myself very happy.

Things worth checking out: Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Freelancer’s Guide (In progress and published on-line as it goes along).

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