Claw Update

Claw Draft
Projected Total: 25000
Total Words to Date: 12,556
Words Done in Previous 24-hour Period: 2,081
Deadline: April 30th

And now there is a Sixth Chapter, although it is currently the roughest chapter since the first and in possession of even more notes about what might need to be done. I predict that the future chapter six will share very little beyond the present chapter six beyond the protagonist and locations. I also have a bit of Chapter Seven sorted, in which I start making myself particularly unpopular with folks who like kittens.

I’m a little demoralized by last nights stint, after so many days of letting the story run itself and things coming up okay. Still, it got done, and as long as I don’t give in to my lethargic urges tonight I think everything will sort itself out. I’ve managed seven days of this now and I’m tempted to see how far it can be pushed.

Other things achieved today: two story drafts finished, in preparation for flensing and polishing over the next couple of days; reading of big thick Years Best SF anthology; reading of Candide; curry.

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