Confessions of an Absentee Writer

It’s been a quiet handful of weeks. I wrote, I got the latest instalment of Flotsam away on time, despite the fact that it’s a giant bastard chunk of story, then I collapsed onto a couch for two weeks watching the glory that is the Bruce Timm DC Animated Oeuvre.

I have know come to the conclusion that Bruce Timm’s animated works are kinda like cocaine, but awesome and not really bad for you.

Batman Beyond has Henry Rollins as a supervillain named Mad Stan that is every bit as glorious as Henry Rollins playing a supervillain should be.

The Superman animated series has Lorry Petty playing a supervillain, and as a child of the nineties who has watched Tank Girl far more often than is healthy, it’s safe to say that there is never enough Lorry Petty being awesome in the world.

If the Justice League Unlimited series managed to wedge Ice Cube into its voice actor list alongside Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres, we could just call Bruce Timm the ultimate nerdcore showrunner and be done with it (if you’re not a comic geek or animated fan, Bruce Timm is kinda like Joss Whedon, except he doesn’t disappoint as often).

I could easily continue my mad cartoon bender for another week at least – I’m only halfway through the Superman series, and there’s four glorious seasons of Batman to go once I’m done, but I suspect I’d start showing up for work smelling funny and start getting odd looks from my co-workers.

Once upon a time this wouldn’t have been a problem, but I kinda like my current co-workers and value their respect. It still catches me off guard.

Plus, I guess, there’s the other stuff: the next instalment of Flotsam to finish, so I don’t undo all the progress I made with this month’s on-time delivery; the novel I keep telling people I’m going to revise; the next Aster novella people keep asking about; the short stories I keep agreeing to write.

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