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My parents read my blog. I’m still having trouble adjusting to that thought, as evidenced by the impulse to ring them when cool stuff happens since, in days gone by, they’ve remain unconnected to any of my primary methods of disseminating “check it out, cool stuff* happening” type news. These days they get to find out about it with the rest of you:

Cool Thing the First: Apex Magazine has announced the line-up for their forthcoming print anthology, Descended from Darkness

I’m in it, apparently. Which is pretty cool given that my story hasn’t yet made it up as a part of the magazine yet (I may show up in May, I suspect, given the trading-around of line-edits and bios we’ve been doing). The rambunctious Jason Fischer is included as well, making this the second time we’ve shared a Table of Contents.

Cool Thing the Second: Interstitial Arts Foundation Call for Artists

Back when the first interfictions anthology was released the IAF had an fund-raising auction featuring artwork/music/interstitial art based upon some of the stories within the anthology. Now they’re putting out a call to artists/musicians/etc to participate in a second one. Their Call for Artists page features fragments from all the stories in the Interfictions II anthology (including mine), plus the opportunity to grab a sneak peak at one of the stories. I tend to think this is the stuff of coolness, myself, but I’ve got a fairly obvious bias here.

*and in difference to the fact that my parents are reading, I just totally edited out the word I originally used there.

  2 comments for “Cool Things

  1. 24/04/2009 at 9:30 AM

    "I’m in it, apparently."

    Thus why we buy non-exclusive antho rights. We do a yearly antho of the original fiction we publish in Apex Magazine.

  2. 24/04/2009 at 7:10 PM

    Logistically I grasped that, but I'm fighting the part of my brain that tells me "no, you haven't been published in the magazine yet, surely you'd be in next years anthology or something…"

    'Tis much cooler this way, though. Jason Fischer and I get unfeasably excited when we share the same Table of Contents 🙂

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