28 Days of Thesis Updates: Day Five

Yesterday was all about the doubt; lots of wondering whether what I’d written the day before was worthwhile and if I should continue in the direction I was going. Previously that led to massive cuts in word-count as I tried to clarify things; yesterday I just bulldozed forward and kept doing what I’m doing. Probably a good sign that it is working, on some level, unlike the other stuff. Or the panic is starting to become a productive force in terms of drafting, rather than a hindrance.

Still, yesterday was slow, and I kind of argued myself into a corner as I pulled apart the idea of genre and exegesis. Not an inescapable corner, but one that stopped me cold at 3 am when my brain couldn’t quite figure out what happened next. Finished the day about 300 words under where I needed to be to ensure a January 31st wrap-up, but that’s not an insurmountable problem yet, just as long as today goes well (and it should). In other news, I killed the second printer cartridge since starting the thesis yesterday.

Oh, and while I remember: does anyone out there have a copy of Orson Scott Card’s How to write Science Fiction and Fantasy? I need to know whether it’s the place where Damon Knight’s “Science Fiction is what I point at when I say Science Fiction” quote shows up in written form (and whether I’m remembering the quote right).

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