Deathmarch, Day 2

I’ve been at it for six hours today, and I’m about halfway through the second chapter of the novella. I’m okay with that. The first half of the second chapter was actually the hard bit, given the amount of damage I’ve been doing to the plot. The second half is mostly rewriting a scene to fit it into a new location, which should be relatively easy to do.

All in all, I’m digging the deathmarch as a way of getting this done. I always forget how happy I am when focusing on a story like this. It starts off feeling like a drag, this whole sense of OMG-there-is-so-much-to-do, but once I’m underway it all settles into a comfortable routine and things get done. I like it when things get done. I like it even more when I can spend two hours on the couch, staring into space while I try to figure out how I get between two points in the narrative, and it’ll actually feel like work thanks to the compacted nature of the deathmarch.

Now I’m going to rock out to a medley of bad eighties hair metal (probably starting with Pour Some Sugar On Me) for twenty minutes before diving back in and knocking off the rest of the second chapter.

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