Embracing the Suck

I submitted a bunch of stories earlier this week. And when I say a bunch, I’ve now sent out more stories in the space of 48 hours than I have in the past two years. I’ve rebuilt my submission list; I know where everything’s going if the stories get knocked back. I’m embracing the mantra of the twelve-hour turn-around when an editor says no, getting it out to the next market as soon as it’s feasible to do so.

I remember how this goes now: write, submit, keep submitting.

And, really, the most important bit: be willing to let people see you suck.

My failure to submit wasn’t because I didn’t write stories, it was ’cause I kept putting off redrafting and developing the stories I had. There were notes and ideas and a whole bunch of things I kept meaning to do, but I never got around to do them. I was chasing the idea of the perfect story, which has never been my strength.

It’s time to embrace the suck and build some good habits again.

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