The 2011 Feb-March writing gauntlet has begun, whereupon Jason Fischer and I spent two months straight bellowing word-counts and motivational taunting at one another while attempting to attain crazy levels of writing productivity. The Rules of the gauntlet are simple: three projects enter, none of them leave. Right now, Jason is ahead of the curve.

My goals for March 31st, incidentally:

– Finish four Flotsam stories by March 31st, so I’ve finally built up a buffer on the monthly deadlines (this includes the Feb story, due in three days)

– Finish the first quarter of the great-lovecraftian-ghoul-swashbuckly-wahoo novel (approx 30,000 words)

– Finally rewrite the first quarter of Black Candy to make it legible and fix the pacing issues.

I’ve mostly been focused on point 1, for lo, it has a deadline (and I’ve been sick). Today is the first day of February where I’m actually rested, so I expect there will feverish keyboard pounding taking place until the wee hours this evening. I will probably shout Fists of Steel at least once per hour. I may even youtube Eye of the Tiger.

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  1. 04/02/2011 at 12:26 AM

    GO, YOU GLORIOUS MAD BASTARD, GO! Write like you are punching a Viking in the junk.

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