Follow Friday: The Tardis Guy

So my friend Allan makes some extraordinarily cool, highly-geeky shit in his alter-ego of The Tardis Guy. Case in point, check out this picture of one of his replica Thor hammers:

And his holy shit, I really want one of those Captain America shields:

Al’s recently launched his official TARDIS GUY website, which is still a work in progress, but the real fun is watching his facebook or instagram feeds, where you can track his works in progress and see the new projects as they come to life. Even if you’re only mildly geeky, the props he makes are truly beautiful bits of work, ranging from full-sized TARDIS’s through to customised Captain America Shields or Bat-Signals.His work is loved by a bunch of cosplayers, has been exhibited in galleries and exhibitions, and is basically coveted by any nerdy person who comes across it and feels a sudden pang of oh, hell yeah, I’d love to own one of those.

Trust me on this. I am the least let’s decorate my house with geeky stuff geek you’re ever likely to meet, and my first response when I acquired my own flat was to email Al and find out how much his shields cost (my second response, sadly, was to go well, after the mortgage is paid off a little, but until then I covet those shields like a Gollum covet’s the one ring).

If you’re interested in cos-play, cool geekery, or just seeing a highly talented craftsman make cool shit, hit up one of the feeds above or go check out The Tardis guy’s stall at one of the upcoming Supanovas in your local area. Definitely worth your time.

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