Four-Point Fly-by Post

Today is a little chaotic, so I give you the following post in four-point structure.

1) More Horn-spotting over on Jeff VanderMeer’s blog today, this time in the form of a Horn review.

2) My parents have currently made it from Turkey to Singapore, currently scheduled to land in Brisbane sometime tonight. Went over and saw my sister this morning, whose generally closer to my extended family than I am and pretty exhausted after spending much of the evening at the hospital. She’s not sure whether my uncle will hold on until my parents get back, but she managed to contact my mother via phone during one of his moments of lucidity last night.

3) In what may be one of the weirdest articles I’ve seen in some time, “Zimmer frame gang ‘tortures adviser’ who lost $4 million.”

4) Against all odds I managed to fight through the lethargy and waiting to get something done yesterday, even if it wasn’t quite the baseline 2k words I look for if I’m going to call a day “productive.” To whit, the current Black Candy draft stands at:

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