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Since it came up in comments on in the livejournal feed, I’m going to make quick mention of this.

I can understand the desire to make fun of country music, because much of it isn’t my thing and there are far too many examples of bad country music out there (especially in Australian, where the genre deserves to be razed to the ground merely for the existence of Slim Dusty). But it’s worth remembering that for every ten or eleven bad examples  there is at least one good, often lurking in the background, that wouldn’t exist if we put up with the genre as a whole. I mean, country music gave us the genre of rockabilly (which was good) which in turn gave us The Living End (which was not). It gave us Johnny Cash covering Nine Inch Nails tunes and giving them a tenderness they never would have had in their original incarnation. I will argue tooth and nail that Country Music as a genre should be allowed to stick around for bit without being mocked.

I mean, if we eliminate the scourge of country music, we eliminate the possibility of Neko Case:

And honestly, there are some prices that just aren’t worth paying.
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