Gauntlet Free Posting

Tonight there was nerdery instead of writing. The crew came over for our bi-weekly Pathfinder/D&D session (it depends on how willing you are to acknowledge the shift) and we accidentally triggered what I hope was one of the nastier fights on our dungeon level. Relocating the session to my place is a relatively recent development, which is both awesome (since I no longer have to travel) and slightly problematic (since I don’t have  table and that slows us down a little).

‘Course, now I’m wired on coffee, sugar, and elevated levels of geekery-related adrenaline (crits! holy smite! level-up!). I expect Fritz the laptop will be joining me for some pre-sleep wordcount, even if it’s not a huge number.

Tonight also saw me sign up for my regular fruit and vegetable delivery, which means sometime over the weekend someone will deliver a small box of tasty, tasty food to my doorstep.

All in all, I’m going to call this a good day.

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  1. Adam
    16/02/2011 at 10:16 PM

    I'm not sure that entering a room, being told to leave, and responding with a fireball is really "accidentally" triggering anything. 😛

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