Heading off for a few days

I’m preparing to decamp to the Gold Coast and hang out with my parents for a few days, which is a process that would probably go a lot better if I hadn’t just spent an hour drinking my morning coffee and checking my RSS feeds on the internets. On the other hand, the more internets I get out of my system now, the less time I spend wasting my parent’s bandwidth.

I’ve also been deploying kitchen timers and to-do lists this week, which is slowly starting to make a difference when it comes to getting things done. I’m yet to actually finish a to-do list, mind, but I’m usually averaging five or six things on a list of ten goals for the day. I’m still debating whether the timer is going with me to the Gold Coast or not; in theory I’ll be spending the bulk of my time down there doing a rewrite on the sparse first-quarter of Claw (which is messy and needs to be rewritten in order for me to figure out the dreaded what-happens-next) and rewriting isn’t an activity that I do in timed increments due to the concentration required.

On the plus side, Claw has grown. I’ve managed to average about a thousand words a day for the last week, gotten some non-Clawwriting done on the side, and generally started to get my shit together on the writing front. My main concern for the next few days is actually finding ways to thin the story down a little so I don’t blow out the wordcount horribly – I’m about two-thousand words over where I wanted to be at this point, and I’m only a quarter done.
Current Writing Metrics

Consecutive Days Writing (500+ words): 7
New Short Stories Sent Into the Wild: 10/30
Rejections in 2010: 21/100
Claw Word Count (Finish Date: 15th November)

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