Here’s Some I Prepared Earlier

Day three of feeling under the weather, courtesy of the throat infection that laid me low on Sunday. Finally taking my doctors advice and going to bed to twelve consecutive hours, letting the panadol and amoxycillin to do their job (it wasn’t the throat ache that did me in; it was the terrifying ear-ache that woke me up at five in the morning).

rp_EXILECover_Large-200x3001.jpgWhich means I’ll be taking it easy over on this blog, but I’ve been out and about on other people’s blogs over the past couple of weeks, so if you find yourself wishing for a Man Vs. Bear hit, I’ve got you covered. For instance, Over on Karen Miller’s new blog, I’ve written a little thing called THE FOUR THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT HAVING A NEW BOOK OUT. Stick around and check out the rest of the posts while you’re there – there’s a bunch of cool guest-posts in addition to Karen talking about her own work.

If you’re one of the handful of people who read my blog but not Angela Slatter’s, you may also have missed the short interview I did about Exile a few weeks back where I talked writing, influences, and long-term plans for the series. Once again, I recommend sticking around and seeing what else is posted there – Angela’s been running a great series of interviews with horror writers associated with the recently released Spectral Book of Horror Stories that’s well worth checking out.

Then there’s always the option of picking up the book itself, if you haven’t yet done so. After all, it’s statistically proven that buying an authors work is one of the most effective ways of encouraging them to produce more.

See you tomorrow, peeps.


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