Horror Bail Out

As grass-roots movements go, this is kind of cool. 2013 Update: The post that inspired this is largely dead and gone now, but the basic theme was still pretty cool – help out small press horror publishers by going and buying a damn book already. It came with some handy suggestions, too, most of which are out of date. Oddly, my suggestion below? Still going strong four years later. In fact, they’re going stronger.

‘Course, not being a particularly straight-forward-out-and-out-horror kind of guy, the only company on their list I’ve got any experience with as a reader is Apex (whose bailiwick is SF-Horror fusion, and thus situates itself firmly in my mental cross-hairs as both a writer and a reader). Still, I’m all for people spending money on books, so  for those of you on my friendslist who are inclined to set aside $20 for the small press horror industry I make the following recommendation: my inner pulp-geek has a fierce and hardcore love of Hebrew Punk. Well worth checking out.

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