If I’d been doing it right, I would have come back with a tan…

Not that I tan, of course, despite spending my teenage years on the Gold Coast and undergoing the mandatory time at the beach. Tanning and me don’t mix – my primary pigmentation is basically red, so I keep having conversations with doctors about how easily I’ll burn and how prone I am to little things like Skin Cancer. I could go on, but my skin isn’t really the point of this post. *sigh* Let me start again…

I am, at this point, about two weeks behind on e-mail, phone-calls, text messages, facebook updates, blog reading, and social engagements of all kinds. The first week of this was unintentional – just the usual slippage that comes from trying to get too much done at the same time – but around Tuesday of last week I declared a unilateral retreat from from the world in order to spend the second week reading, mainlining ibuprofen, and living on soup to avoid further irritating an inflamed nerve in my gum. Think of it as about 45% convalescence and 55% much-needed recharge time and you’ll have the math down about right.

I’m generally pretty down on non-productive periods, but I have to admit that I feel pretty good about this one. It let me actually finish reading books (btw – read The City and The City – it’s freakin’ awesome stuff), get some perspective on why I was rushing certain projects that didn’t need it, and generally sort out how to move forward.  Of course, this may have a lot to do with the sheer amount of productivity-porn I immersed myself in over the last week, but that’s how it goes sometimes :)

Hmm. Rambling again. Back to the point – if you’re waiting for a response of some kind, it’ll probably happen in the next couple of days as I finish saddling the horse and climb back on. In some cases it’ll also be accompanied by profuse apologies and such.

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