I’m out of the blogging habit…


1) I quit the dreaded dayjob and worked out my notice. I was officially done at 1:30 last Friday, and that moment has been one of the better moments of my year.

I would say no words can describe how much I disliked that job, but that would be a patent lie. Of course words can describe it; describing things with words is what I do, after all. Unfortunately the words I’d use to describe the experience aren’t particularly useful in polite company, or fair to the company in question who were more frustrating to deal with than maliciously determined to make my life miserable, so I elect to say nothing in public.

2) I am behind on email. Well, behind on everything really – you should see the state of my kitchen – but email and blogging are my default means of communicating with the world, and so it’s usually worth mentioning when I’m behind on such things to forestall the series of “are you still alive?” messages that crop up.

Other things I am behind on: writing projects, critiques I owe people of their stories/novels, marking, washing up, cleaning mold off the ceiling, washing, sleep, tidying the office, catching up with people, prepping my Mutants and Masterminds game for Thursday night, reading, grocery shopping, and disposing of broken and/or unwanted furniture. If it were possible to be behind on breathing without dying, it’s entirely possible I’d be behind on that too.

Fortunately I’ve got a week or so before the new dayjob starts up, so some of these things will be rectified by the end of the day. Some of things will have to wait until the end of the week.

3) A new issue of the Edge of Propinquity is out, with a new installment of Flotsam. Just saying.

4) Tetraphobia is the name given to an irrational fear of the number four. It seems so on the nose, especially give  that thirteen gets the far more impressive phobia name (triskaidekaphobia).

5) I’m celebrating my week of unemployment by refusing to shave, which means I’m accumulating the least-manly-stubble in existence.

And that’s about it really.

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