I’m sure I had a groove around here somewhere, if only I could find it…

Before anything else: if you haven’t read XKCD today, you really should. Given that I’ve spent the majority of today writing, the comic promises to be both entertaining and amusing in ways I cannot.

Not much else to report, really. This afternoon was spent trying to reconnect with the Black Candy novel draft in an effort to stop myself from either a) hating it, b) mentally re-writing the plot, or c) actually rewriting things from the beginning in a different POV in an effort to fix the problem. The latter is particularly tempting, but I’m currently placing my trust in the awareness that it’s at least 90% panic-driven. My gut is not to be trusted when writing at novel lengths (at least, not yet). Now I get to head off and do some work on Claw before turning in for the night.

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