Last Working Friday for the Year

I don’t want to be writing a blog post right now. I just got home from the first weekly RPG session of the year, after a big day’s word count at Write Club, and I feel like slacking off. There’s an old copy of Master of Orion II on my computer, and I feel an overwhelming urge to fire up a game and try to overtake the universe as a race of marauding space lizards.

I probably shouldn’t be writing a blog post right now. If I’ve got energy to burn it would be better served spent getting a few pages done on the current project, or brainstorming the next one, or doing one of the half-dozen things that need doing around the house. Laundry, for example. I could do laundry. I need to do laundry so very badly, and I keep failing to do it, ’cause…


I’m writing a blog post. A compromise option. Productive in the most general sense, without actually being productive. Hopefully the desire to play computer games will go away once I schedule this post.


It’s going to rain tomorrow, continue through the weekend. I’m working my last Friday of the year, before my hours at the day-job change and I have to settle in to a new routine.

I’m settling in for the long haul. Waiting for the rain.

January Storm

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