Lessons from the Day Job

I’ve come to the opinion that migrating a website from one host to another is rather like being in charge of the Death Star firing controls. You sit there quietly, doing your job, counting off the minutes until you unleash the awesome power of some technological masteripeice capable of destroying planets, and in your moment of triumph – right as you count down to one, in fact – it all goes to hell and your space station is obliterated in a fireball.

I have all sorts of sympathy for Moff Tarkin this week. Poor dude was just trying to get shit done, you know?

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  1. meg
    09/11/2011 at 6:34 AM

    Hehe at least Tarkin got to wear his comfy slippers while he destroyed Alderraan!

    PS you rock. that is all.

    PPS you need office slippers.

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