Night of the Wolverine


Wednesday morning. The office – home, not dayjob – is humid and muggy. In the coming months it’ll be muggy as hell, which is probably the queue I need to go buy a fan in order to get through summer. Although, knowing me, I’ll just open a window and go, geez, the office is muggy as hell today. This will usually be followed by the phrase fuck you, Brisbane. ‘Cause, really, there’s no need for this.


Meetings at the day-job yesterday. Good meetings, for me, at least. In 2013 I’ll be working at the day-job three days a week and keeping the other four to use for MY OWN NEFARIOUS PURPOSES.

Which means, you know, writing.

If you do not believe that writing counts as a NEFARIOUS PURPOSE, you obviously don’t live inside my head.

This is, however, a case of getting what I wanted without necessarily being a case of getting what I planned for. I dislike living without a plan. Ignoring a plan, sure, I can do that, but not having one freaks me out a little. My plans for 2013 were all you can get done what you can get done in the morning writing shifts.

That no longer applies. It’s time to think a little, a little more long-term.

The next thirty days are going to be spent spinning through a bunch of projects and potential projects, trying to figure out which will appear on my schedule first.


There is not enough coffee. I’m sure you’re shocked by this.


There’s something about a muggy, no-good kind of morning like this one that always bring me back to Dave Graney. No matter how hot and ugly it gets, I can throw Night of the Wolverine on the stereo and pretend I’m somewhere dark and cool and built for the consumption of alcohol. Ditto Rock and Roll is Where I Hide, which I’m willing to defend as the greatest pop song in the history of pop songs.


I’m going to be scarce December through February. I’m not entirely sure *how scarce* yet, but I’ve got a lot on, and the recent changes have meant that I’m setting aside that three-month block in order to focus on rewriting a novel.

Which, on the down side, means I won’t be kicking around here as much, entertaining you all with my sparkling wit.

On the other hand, it means, you know, a novel.

This was on the cards before the change in work-schedule – I’d taken a whole bunch of leave in December, which wasn’t exactly for this purpose but may as well be now – but now I’m going to throw it out there as a public goal (On the whole, I know which one we’d all prefer, but I’m going to focus on the novel anyway).


Also, I plan on using December to finally play Mass Effect 3. Yes, I’ve been pre-warned that the ending is pants. Yes, I’m going to play it anyway. I bought the damn game when it was BRAND FREAKIN’ NEW and haven’t had time to play it since then.

Playing Mass Effect 3 will probably result in me re-playing 1 and 2. After all, it’s been a year.

To borrow a phrase from another SF franchise altogether: if you need me, I’ll be in my bunk.


I have to play croquet today. I’ve never played croquet before.

It’s got something to do with flamingos, right?

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  1. 28/11/2012 at 9:19 PM

    Yay! Novel! 🙂

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