No, Not Black Leaf!

Okay, I’ll admit it. When someone first told me there were people transforming Jack Chick’s Dark Dungeon’s screed against Dungeons and Dragons into a feature-length movie, I kinda thought there were too many people in the world with a surplus of free time on their hands.

But this? This looks like fucking genius:

Couple this with the news that Wizards of the Coast will be letting us download the PDFs of the Basic Rules for free (and, hell, the fact that there is a basic rules set, which harkens back to my boxed-set-loving gamer roots), and this may be as excited about D&D as I’ve been since 2006 or so.

Which is…kinda weird, actually. I thought me and my interest in the big RPG brand had parted ways more-or-less permanently for a while there. Seems we’re not quite done yet, even if I never quite get around to playing a session of 5th Edition.

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