Nothing In Craft Is An Accident

One of the nice things about being forced to spend time on Tumbr by the website outage is actually reading some of the tumblr’s I only visit intermittently under normal circumstances. Mostly, it’s the comic-book people. The best part was discovering this post from comics writer Matt Fratction about craft and intent and the decision making in Fargo, which is one of those things you should read if you’re a writer.

Nothing with craft is an accident.

It might not be good, or successful, or pleasant, or engaging; it may not have beendeliberated or considered. Or deliberated or considered well, even.  It may have been surprising or contrary to the creators’ intention, to the interpreter’s expectation, to the world’s conception of what a thing is or can be, but it is not accidental, haphazard, dashed off, or crapped out. Suggesting otherwise is a critical feint. A work may not deserve comment.  Life is short and there are beautiful things.

Nothing with craft is an accident.

Matt Fraction over on Tumblr

You can see the whole post over on Tumblr. I recommend doing so. 

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