Novella Diary, Claw, Day Five

Another lazy day with a lot of time away from the keyboard. Most of it was spent writing other things, some of which were work, some of which was not. Kept thinking I should go write some novella now, then didn’t. Watched some Arrow. Watched some new sci-fi show put together by SyFy channel in the US, whose name escapes me.

Made an attempt to watch the Painkiller Jane series that was put out by the Sci-Fi channel before they changed their name to something that sounds like an STD. My Flatmate recommended PJ, but I’m not really clicking with it. It’s slow. The voice-over irritates me. It gets bonus points for having two female characters on the special government task-force team, who actually like each other and get along.

Session 5.1 (10:49 PM – 11:25 PM)
Word Count: 675

Lots of ground-word type stuff for chapter two. Most of it is wrong. What I’m writing now is framework kind of stuff, which I’ll flesh out and add to when I get to write-club tomorrow. Made the mistake of writing in bed, which means I dozed off at the keyboard at least once. I am not a write all night and make your word count no matter what kind of guy anymore.  I am not adjusting to this as well as I should, given how long I’ve had get up and go to the office type dayjobs for a while now.

Hence this is posted very late on Monday, rather than Sunday night.

Total Daily Writing Time: 36 minutes
Daily Word Count Total: 675

Total Manuscript Writing Time: 5 hours, 34 minutes
Total Manuscript Word Count: 5,014

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