Novella Diary, Claw, Day Twenty

Write club. Which, if you’ve been following this diary for a stretch, should give you some context for what’s about to happen. I spent the first hour catching up with Angela and hearing all the latest from the Aurealis Awards in Sydney, and the second stretch finishing up my WQ article in preparation for submitting it later tonight.

With that done, it’s time to dig into some words.

Session 20.1 (12:50 PM – 1:12 PM )
Word Count: 275

Session 20.2 (1:28 PM – 1:37 PM)
Word Count: 296

Session 20.3 (8:48 PM – 9:33 PM)
Word Count: 599

So, none of that went terribly well. This represents tree attempts at the same scene. Finally seem to have hit it, albeit not in a form that I’m happy with. Taking a short break before returning and trying to clock up another four hundred words, just so I can get back into the 1k a day habit.

Session 20.4 (9:49 PM – 10:07 PM)
Word Count: 420

Total Daily Writing Time: 1 hour, 34 minutes
Daily Word Count Total: 1, 590

Total Manuscript Writing Time: 19 hours, 39 minutes
Total Manuscript Word Count: 15,180

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