Oops, Mae Maxima Culpa

Yesterday’s post seems to have come across a little gloomier than I’d intended. So much so that I actually went back and re-read what I’d written, trying to puzzle out why it was drawing the comments it was (which, don’t get me wrong, are thoroughly brilliant and affirming and my thanks go out to all of you) and the conversations I kept having today with people who thought that maybe I needed a hug and a pep talk. Which is nice, sure, but it kind of baffled me. Surely it’s not that bad? I thought. I mean, I did write that paragraph about my life being essentially awesome most of the time, right?

Then I re-read the post and realised, yes, I’d written that paragraph, but I’d also deleted it from the final post. And yes, it was a post that came with a side of gloom cookies, and I probably did sound rather like I needed a hug at the end of it.

So, er, sorry for being a downer. Mae culpa. I do generally try to keep the sturm und drang off the blog. Sturm und drang is the spokesbear’s job. He’s also a pretty damn good dispense of hugs.

I also promise I’m not about to go throw this whole writing thing for a lark and go find a real job. For starters, I’m really fond of my current dayjob. Also, this writing thing? I feel like I’m only just starting to get good at it.


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  1. 16/03/2012 at 12:38 AM

    Hey I thought you were a bit 50/50 on it. And I just wanted to take the chance to mention that your a little bit awesome, because Gary or Jonathan said you should always take the chance to tell an author how good they are (in your opinion)- i don't think being told you are good ever gets old.

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