Claw Update

Claw Draft
Projected Total: 25000
Total Words to Date: 4642
Words Done in Previous 24-hour Period: 879 (Was all prepared to angst about this, then realised it’s nine more words than yesterday)
Deadline: April 30th
Reasons to Squee: Chapter Two is done. Chapter three introduces a character I hadn’t planned for, but is proving to be fun. Made many notes on fixing the awkward bits of Chapter two as well.
Reasons to Wail: You know what? Not much today. All is well in my writing world.
Non-Novella Writing: Wrote about four-thousand words of short-story draftage last night (yet another reason not to angst over today’s wordcount), and finally finished the draft of my post-apocalyptic-dragon-cyberpunk-western story. Given this is one of those ideas that I’ve been throwing around for a year or two now without ever finalising it, I find myself very happy.

Things worth checking out: Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Freelancer’s Guide (In progress and published on-line as it goes along).

Claw Update

Claw Draft
Projected Total: 25000
Total Words to Date: 3763
Words Done in Prior 24-hour Period: 870 (Ach)
Deadline: April 30th
Reasons to Squee: Today, very few. Chapter two, thus far, is a big ol’ mess of revisions waiting to happen. It is, however, almost done and will likely be over some time tonight.
Reasons to Wail: Apparently I’ve decided to follow a car chase with a bi ol’ lot of exposition in which the primary action is a possessed cat eating a hamburger.
On the Plus Side: I’ve more-or-less finished off all the crits I owe; I got some very nice rejection letters; and I got said stories out again fast.
On the Down Side: I lost my groove when it came to putting in time at the keyboard today, choosing to do things like shopping instead. Must rectify this, and soon.

This is why I’m not a reviewer

I have two moderately hard-and-fast rules when it comes picking movies: no musicals, and no spoofs. I’ve developed these rules after years of being a miserable git who complains about things, and they’re usually followed for the safety of everyone involved. I’m just not geared to enjoy either of those genres, so it’s safer to avoid them.

Last Friday, while visiting the local video store, I broke said rules three times. The first to pick up Cabaret and The Producers, the second to pick up Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.

To their credit, none of those films was the worst thing I watched this week (that was a film called Blue State, which made me profoundly irritated and left me wondering if a film that was theoretically about being part of the American left was perhaps funded by conservatives gleefully trying to make lefties look idiotic and redundant); yet all three reminded me that I really shouldn’t watch musicals or films that built their commedy around spoofing other films.

Walk Hard actually managed to be funny for about six consecutive minutes, largely due to cameo’s by people playing the Beatles; Cabaret was actually pretty watchable, but I’d happily have traded most of the plot for a story revolving around the MC at the club who proved more engaging than any of the leads; and The Producers just isn’t my thing – the sole moment I actually developed an interest in the film was when the crazy German was on-screen and a brief re-wind of the DVD in order to work out whether I had, in fact, just seen John Barrowman as a dancing Nazi (I had).

In order, I’d probably choose to re-watch Cabaret first, The Producers second, and the others not at all.

Friday Youtubery

I’d kinda made a promise to myself that I’d stop posting Amanda Palmer/Dresden Dolls clips on Fridays, since I’m aware that I do it quite a bit. It isn’t really intentional so much as a reflection of my tendency to be very focused on one band for a few years – there’s a period in my late teens where I had the same kind of thing going with REM and the Cure, a time in my early twenties where there was ungodly amounts of Primus and Korn*, and now I seem to have caught the Dresden Doll’s bug (although it may yet turn into a long-term obsession, in much the same way that I never quite lost my obsessive fanboyishness of Nick Cave).

Anyway, yes, I keep telling myself to hold back on the Amanda Palmer clips. I think, by now, you’ve all more-or-less caught onto the fact that I regard the band as awesome wrapped in greatness and delivered with a side of awesomesauce. That said, I picked up the Live at the Paradise DVD this week and stumbled over this cover and lets face it, Amanda Palmer + Black Sabbath Covers = Full of Squee and Win!

*And yes, you can laugh at me for obsessive Korn fan, but I promise it made much more sense when I was twenty-one.

The Jams? I have kicked them. Yes, finally.

There has been actual progress on the Claw draft over the last twenty-four hours, alongside more mundane acts of not-sucking such as finishing short stories (two!) and doing the washing up. Hell, I even walked over to the local Indian take-away to pick up dinner in the interests of getting some exercise.

Claw Draft
Projected Total: 25000
Total Words to Date: 2893
Words Done in Prior 24-hour Period: 1,432 (not to shabby, considering this mostly came together around 8 PM last night and I’ve done other stuff today)
Deadline: April 30th
Reasons to Squee*: Chapter one is done, after a good nine or ten weeks of being unable to figure out who to move from the set-up I wanted to the story I wanted. Plus the fix makes for a logical reason to keep the possessed Russian Blue feline in the narrative for all ten chapters.
Reasons to Wail: Still got nine chapters to go, and I seem to have put in a car chase. Why in hell is there a car chase? I’m so not a car chase kind of guy…
Reasons to go hmmm: Miriam Aster is apparently okay with the existence of fairies, and psychics, and possessed cats, but still a bit iffy on the concept of gods.

That last point’s actually been something of a sticking point for me in coming at this draft, since I’m largely feeling my way through the writing-of-a-sequel idea and wondering how far I can push the world that’s set up in book one.  Horn is all about fey with very little suggestion of what the world’s like outside that, and all the big events in the protagonist’s life revolve around the fey because I never really expect the first book to get published, let alone think about what happens after that. Claw is proving to be a little more human in tone, and I seem to be letting my love of B-grade television shows and pulp-style Egyptian mythology filter in along with the psychic cat.

(*Incidently, how freaking cool is it that the spellcheck on wordpress actually has Squee pre-loaded into it?)

Red Planet Squee

Given my weebling joy of the Flash Gordon marathon I posted about a week or two ago, you may be inclined to speculate that I’m something of a fan of these planetary romance/sword-and-ray-gun genres wherein heroes from earth are plucked up and cast across the universe by various means. You would, of course, be correct – and thus be able to predict the gibbering joy that filled my office this morning when I discovered that there is a John Carter of Mars film in the works, with Michael Chabon working on the script. It’s still a long way off, to be sure, but I shall remain quietly excited about the possibility that it may manifest and be good viewing.

I’m now going to head off to the computer without the internet to get some work done, in the hopes that yesterday’s burst of productivity can be maintained.