Because this is all my brain is up for today…

The good thing about trying to hit a deadline and being behind: you start to figure out ways to fix stories and ideas that are broken, potentially unsaleable and not on deadline.

Yesterday I took an hour away from the books to write up a plan of what I could do to transform all my second-person-present-tense-vaguely-cyberpunk vignettes into a solid-ish mosiac novella. I just spent the last half-hour writing notes about the way to expand and fix the problems on the zombie novella I wrote as part of the AHWA mentorship in 2007. It’s all distraction to draw me away from the work that really needs doing, but at least the notes will be waiting for me once I get the thesis draft down.

The theory of relativity as it applies to writing

The difference between a good days work and a bad days work can depend entirely on how close you are to meeting a deadline.

Or, in other words, 1500 words of thesis draftage today. A month ago this would have been cause for celebration; today it is met with the soul-crushing knowledge  that I haven’t yet done enough to earn myself a few hours sleep 🙂

This is my Monday

I hate it when things creep up on me, but I like having a full to-do list that I can work through. On today’s list:

  • Get a big chunk of wordage done on the thesis draft – last week saw things start lagging behind again, and I really shouldn’t let that become a habit.
  • Clean the flat for tomorrow’s rental inspection
  • Go through the copyedit of my Interfictions 2 story and get that sent out.
  • Finish writing up a crit of Angela’s story.
  • Pick up a book they’re holding for me at Pulp Fiction (includes a bonus lunch with the Sleech)
  • Cook at home for the first time in, what, two and a half weeks?
  • Do a revision of a recently-rejected story that I think needs a little more polish before it goes out again.

In short, I’ll be keeping busy. I’ve moved the laptop into the lounge so I can set up a second work-area and flit between computers as I work – I’m not much for writerly superstitions and such, but I am noticing that the thesis is always a little easier to write while camping out with couch with the laptop. I suspect it’s because the living room has more space to spread books out and build a visual representation of my research…

Friday Youtubery

Because I can’t help myself, and wish to share the awesome – The Dresden Doll’s Amanda Palmer doing a cover of the Sesame Street version of Feist’s 1-2-3-4:


Apparently Palmer hits Brisbane on the first of March. I can afford neither ticket nor the time to head along, but I’m tempted to go anyway. Anyone interested in coming along?

Latest from the wordmines…

Now that the TOC has been made public over on Delia Sherman’s LJ we’ve been told we can go crazy with the blog announcements: I sold my story, Black Dog: A Biography, to Interfictions 2.

The complete Table of Contents looks something like this:

Jeffrey Ford, “The War Between Heaven and Hell Wallpaper”
M. Rickert, “Beautiful Feast”
Will Ludwigsen, “Remembrance is Something Like a House”
Cecil Castelucci, “The Long and the Short of Long-Term Memory”
Alaya Johnson, “The Score”
Ray Vukcevich, “The Two of Me”
Carlos Hernandez, “The Assimilated Cuban’s Guide to Quantum Santeria”
Lavie Tidhar, “Shoes”
B. F. Slattery, “Interviews After the Revolution”
Elizabeth Ziemska, “Count Poniatowski and the Beautiful Chicken”
Peter M. Ball, “Black Dog: A Biography”
Camilla Bruce, “Berry Moon”
Amelia Beamer, “Morton Goes to the Hospital”
William Alexander, “After Verona”
Alan DeNiro, “(*_*) ~~~ (-_-): The Warp and the Woof”
Nin Andrews, “The Marriage”
Theodora Goss, “Child-Empress of Mars”
Lionel Davoust, “L’Ile Close” (“The Enclosed Island” or “No-Exit Island” or something else we haven’t thought of yet)
Stephanie Shaw, “Afterbirth”
David J. Schwartz, “The 121”

<Insert a long sequence of joyful stammering and nervous hyperventilating here>

Thursday Linkfest

  • To kick it off, some members of WA fandom are putting to together a fanzine, Hope, to raise funds for the Bushfire victims in Victoria. A bunch of talented folks have already volunteered work, so much so that there will now be more than one issue. Worth keeping an eye on, all up.
  • With all the doom and gloom surrounding small press publishing, there is at least a glimmer of hope that the recently deceased Realms of Fantasy may come back courtesy of a buy-out of the magazine/brand. Until then, a farewell by the RoF Sushmaster that includes a list of the accepted stories we won’t get a chance to see (With commiserations to my friend Ben Francisco, who unfortunately has a very fine story caught on that list).
  • Something Positive on the tendency among American reviewers to associate the stop-motion film Coraline with Tim Burton.
  • Speaking of webcomics, XKCD addresses an issue that does actually bother me.
  • My old friend Villainous_mog, now lost to the wilds of London forever, posts about the subject lines of Lost Property e-mails at his workplace. (Yes, random, but I find it interesting and I keep misreading the 5th one as “a frothing, whizzing gadget found on the kitchen floor” and thinking it sounds like the start to a story)
  • Speaking of Laura Goodin (We weren’t, you say? Ah well, we should be), here’s some fun stuff snurched from her blog this week: Shakespeare doing the facebook 25 things meme & steampunk cake!
  • The Australian Horror Writers Mentorship program is open for applications. As mentorship programs go, this is one of those insane-good-value deals if you’re an aspiring writer looking to make the next step.
  • Chris Lynch’s Clarion South 2007 Bibliography, now updated, charting the various achievements of my Clarion peeps over the last two years.
  • Chris Lynch is also over on the Battersblog, talking about the week 4 experience at Clarion South 2007.
  • Jay Lake on a subject near and dear to my heart after the trauma of losing everything a few years back – backing up your fiction like a pro.
  • 10 Privacy settings every facebook user should know – because facebook is actually evil.