I’m back

Christmas...it brings the unexpected

Christmas...it brings the unexpected

…though I’m still in the process of picking up speed now that the holiday season is over (New Years doesn’t count, I’ll be hammering away at the PhD deadline, but I hope everyone else has a good time). I think I managed to get most of the angst about the exegetical process out of my system over the holiday, so now I can actually do productive things like formulate a plan and write things out.

In case you’re wondering, those are the hand-knitted bananas in pyjamas bed-socks my grandmother gave me for Christmas. And while a sweet gift, the cognitive dissonance gives me a headache every time I try to work out the logic of it – I consider them yet another reminder that many people in the world think in a very different way than I do.

Well, I’m off.

Okay, folks, I’m off to the Gold Coast for Christmas, Library books, and several long hours of locking myself in a room and being antisocial while working on my exegesis. This will actually be a nice change from locking myself in my flat and being antisocial while reorganising everything I own (a job that was finished yesterday, and so I am now organised).

I’ll be back some time after boxing day and, hopefully, resume regular blogging then.

Mental Reset – Day Three

I have but to rearrange the folder archive of my writing files (to better distinguish between “do now” projects and “percolating for ideas” projects) and tidy up some boxes, then the study is done. Not complete, for there are still projects that remain long-term on the organising front (filing cabinet, wardrobe full of crap), but done enough that I know what needs to happen on all front.

I have, however, sorted through seventeen decks of playing cards and tossed those that are no longer complete. I also found a movie ticket for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film that I felt the need to archive once upon a time. No, not the recent one; I’m talking about the first one.

Both the ongoing projects list and the very next thing that needs doing lists are getting out of control, but I should be able to burn through the majority of the entries over the weekend. Still,  I move onward to the bedroom now, and hope remains that there’s some chance I can get through this process in the appointed amount of time.

Continuing the mental Cntr-Alt-Del

It’s day two of the great purge-and-reset, and I’m yet to get out of the office. Twelve straight hours of sorting files and making mental notes on projects yesterday (which proved surprisingly exhausting) and I’m finally down to the last box of lost papers/books and a two-drawer desk-caddy that’s got loose papers in it. I figure I’ll have the study finished tonight, then it’s on to the bedroom.

Oh, the things that have been tossed out over the last twenty-four hours. I’ve made seven trips to the bin thus far, each time loaded up with an arm-full of paperwork I no longer need, and what remains is still a pile large enough to animate and give sage advice to fraggles should it so desire. Among the many things tossed out: tax records from 1995; hard-copy of seven chapters from a fantasy novel draft I’m pretty sure I didn’t write – I think it’s Sean’s, from back before I spooked him out of asking about things like that and WoW devoured his life; stacks of notes from sixteen different RPG campaigns I barely remember running (three I remember with fondness were kept for archival purposes); seven different drafts of the Unicorn novella; a metric butt-load of e-book print-outs from my CGW days; 30 or so notebooks full of shorthand recording student presentations from the last seven years. None of these things should have been kept, not really, but I’m a stacker by nature – things get put in piles and shuffled around, without ever being dealt with, and thus the bottom of the piles tends to get a bit archaeological when they’re finally reached.

I do have three of the four primary e-mail address sorted now, though; if you’re expecting an e-mail from me about something and I haven’t gotten back to you, it might be a good time to drop me a line and remind me that I owe you an answer about stuff*.

I think I’ve also got a more-or-less accurate list of all the writing projects that are taking up mental real-estate lately, which I’ll be going through and sorting in current-near future-far future piles to make sure the focus goes where it needs to once the purge is done.

*Random note, since it appears some people don’t know and have been following the journal since the con: I no longer have access to the old gen con/eventions address. If you’ve been trying to get in contact with me that way and haven’t gotten a reply, leave a message here and I’ll send you an e-mail from a more reliable address.

Doctorate and stuff.

Just got my latest creative project draft from the associate supervisor (aka our gatekeeper, since he’s the one coming at the work fresh and without two years of living with the stories). It looks like I’m correcting formatting and doing some minor line-edits, with a few spots that need a little more clarity. The rest is largely a thumbs up and an “it’s all good and it’ll earn the degree; now finish your exegesis.”

Plus the possibility of teaching work is back on the cards after a long absence, so I may be eating something other than two minute noodles come march.

Now I’m going back to the to-do list from hell.