It’s a shiny new year

So many things I planned to blog about today, that I even made little mental notes to blog about because I thought they were interesting, and instead I’m just kind of popping up to say “damn, not enough time” before launching into another salvo on the exegesis. I’m resisting the urge to do a year-in-review post at this point, simply because I’m in no position to look back at 2008 and see it in any kind of objective light. Despite the various good things I managed, both professional and personally, it remains a year characterized by all the things I didn’t get done rather than all the things I did.

Today I unravel the sticky knot of what my exegesis is supposed to be doing. Tomorrow you get subjected to exegetical rumblings (which, really, isn’t that big a change from usual for me). Hope everyone is well and bounced back to acceptable levels after the New Year revelry

You know it’s too damn hot when…

It’s been rather hot here in Brisbane, and my flat has a nasty tendency to be one of the warmest places I’ve found in the city unless the breezes’ treat me favourably (of late, they haven’t). I don’t know the exact temperatures, but I do know that I burned myself with *shampoo* when I had my shower this morning – not badly or anything, my palm just had this mild sunburn like sting all day, but still…overheated shampoo. Being scalded by the “cold” water in my taps I’ve learned to prepare for, but this is a first for the hair-care products.

I can’t wait for winter.

I’m back brings the unexpected brings the unexpected

…though I’m still in the process of picking up speed now that the holiday season is over (New Years doesn’t count, I’ll be hammering away at the PhD deadline, but I hope everyone else has a good time). I think I managed to get most of the angst about the exegetical process out of my system over the holiday, so now I can actually do productive things like formulate a plan and write things out.

In case you’re wondering, those are the hand-knitted bananas in pyjamas bed-socks my grandmother gave me for Christmas. And while a sweet gift, the cognitive dissonance gives me a headache every time I try to work out the logic of it – I consider them yet another reminder that many people in the world think in a very different way than I do.

Well, I’m off.

Okay, folks, I’m off to the Gold Coast for Christmas, Library books, and several long hours of locking myself in a room and being antisocial while working on my exegesis. This will actually be a nice change from locking myself in my flat and being antisocial while reorganising everything I own (a job that was finished yesterday, and so I am now organised).

I’ll be back some time after boxing day and, hopefully, resume regular blogging then.

Mental Reset – Day Three

I have but to rearrange the folder archive of my writing files (to better distinguish between “do now” projects and “percolating for ideas” projects) and tidy up some boxes, then the study is done. Not complete, for there are still projects that remain long-term on the organising front (filing cabinet, wardrobe full of crap), but done enough that I know what needs to happen on all front.

I have, however, sorted through seventeen decks of playing cards and tossed those that are no longer complete. I also found a movie ticket for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film that I felt the need to archive once upon a time. No, not the recent one; I’m talking about the first one.

Both the ongoing projects list and the very next thing that needs doing lists are getting out of control, but I should be able to burn through the majority of the entries over the weekend. Still,  I move onward to the bedroom now, and hope remains that there’s some chance I can get through this process in the appointed amount of time.