Right. It’s morning and I haven’t yet coffee yet. When that situation arises, you get what you get, know what I’m saying? Being on the internet without coffee seems like an incredibly bad idea, but there it is. No coffee. I am here. Writing this post. Badly.

(I have coffee now. It hasn’t helped. I forgot to add the sugar.)

It’s ANZAC day here in Australia and the world is oddly silent. No trains. No traffic. None of the bustle that generally comes with weekends, with people out there in the world, getting chores done and taking the kids to work

This morning there’s a handful of birds cawing to one another. The occasional sound of a train rolling past.

Me, with the keyboard tapping and music streaming through the TV. Pretending it’s not fucking eerie out there. We don’t often shut down, these days, as a culture. The days of stillness are always unsettling, a reminder of something bad that has happened in the past.

Or is happening, right now. If the zombie apocalypse started last night, I do not know it yet.

I hope it hasn’t.

I’ve got plans for today.

Do Nothing Morning


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