So after a week of sturm-und-drang and putting forthblog posts and twitters that worry my parents, it’s time to get back to the talking cats. There seems to a process when I sit down to write novellas. It starts with this is easy, no problem, which is quickly replaced by aaargh! WTF? Who thought I could do this, and it eventually reaches okay, I’ll dump everything and start over, with a plan; planning for the win!  This usually coincides with a healthy slice of screw this, I just want to write short stories, which is usually followed by some OMG, I totally forgot how to write a short story type flailing.

Guess which stage I hit a few days ago. Fortunately, I’m already aware I’ve been here before and things worked out. It’s handy to track these things, sometimes.

From memory there’s a stage or two that follows this one, although the fact that Claw is part of the series probably helps avoid the dammit, I really need to rewrite this in the third person, that’ll fix everything stage of mania and the stuff follows – aka the parts of the process where things get written – aren’t as well documented because, well, things are actually getting written.

But in ten minutes I’m going to turn the internet off and write for a bit. After doing dozens of bits and pieces thus far, I’m trying to bulldoze my way through the manuscript one chapter at a time. The first one is done. Ish.

Hopefully I can lock down the second chapter today.
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Consecutive Days Writing (500+ words):
New Short Stories Sent Into the Wild: 10/30
Rejections in 2010: 22/100
Claw Word Count (Finish Date: 15th November)

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