Random Updates: Apnea, Supanova, Angela Slatter Kicking Ass


So I missed a blog post yesterday, but in my defence I was squirrelled away writing a little over 4,000 words on various creative projects. That represents nearly a third of my wordcount for April thus far, so I’m feeling pretty happy about that.

Yesterday was also the point where I added the words “FUCK THE APNEA” to the top of my spreadsheet where I’m tracking my yearly wordcount. One of the reasons I feared admitting there was something wrong was the self-knowledge that I am a lazy, lazy writer. Give me a good reason to not write, and I’ll take it. I’ll happily prioritize other things ahead of writing goals.

(For all the people who mentioned CPAP machines when I first posted about the Apnea – after consulting with my doctor and talking over how serious things have gotten, I’ve been booked into a sleep clinic later this month to begin a home assessment. That should be the beginning of my doctor offering non-diet-and-exercise type solutions to help with the process. Thanks for the prod folks – I would have left that process a lot longer without our advice)


If you’re at the Gold Coast Supanova this weekend, I’ll be working the Queensland Writers Centre’ booth in the publishers area for most of the day on Saturday. Feel free to drop by, say hello, and talk writing for a bit. Ask me questions about the upcoming GenreCon and how cool it will be. Admire the passing cosplayers, who form of geekdom I don’t truly get but am always impressed with.

Then go find my friend Allan’s booth, under the moniker of The Tardis Guy, and marvel at the props he’s been making.


So my friend Angela Slatter won three Aurealis Awards last weekend, which you’d think would be enough big news for one writer in the space of seven days. But no, not Angela, she thinks bigger than that and works three times harder than the other writers in her vicinity – and so the official announcement has been made over at the London Book Fair that Angela has signed a three-book deal with Jo Fletcher Books for her Verity Fassbinder series.


Can you say “Fucking kick-ass?”

‘Cause, believe me, this is fucking kick-ass. I’ve read the first book of this series in draft for and I say, with all due acknowledgement of my bias as Angela’s friend, that it’s a damn impressive book that’s going to catch people’s attention.

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    helps if I post this to the right post

    "Just to add to the chorus on the CPAP. One of my workmates had pretty bad sleep apnea. Within a week of getting his CPAP machine, he went from a shambling mindless zombie to a functional human being again."

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